billy childs' jazz chamber music vol. 1, lyric

Billy Childs' Jazz Chamber Music Vol. 1, Lyric

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Jazz-Chamber Music, Vo1 Lyric Download Participant - (128 kbps Mp3)

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Jazz-Chamber Music, Vo1 Lyric CD

The Lunacy and Coming of Spring Participant

Billy Childs’ Compositional Study Participant with Download - (128 kbps Mp3)

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Get an insider’s look into the creative process behind composer/pianist Billy Childs’ latest release ‘Jazz Chamber Music Vol. 1 Lyric’ and be the very first to see what the Artist is creating right now. Access The Billy Childs ArtistShare Experience through Participant Offers and have the opportunity to:
  • Watch the process as Billy Childs creates new works.
  • Commission a new work from Billy Childs for your organization.
  • Receive the “Jazz-Chamber Music, Vol. 1 Lyric” CD.
  • Receive on-line composition or piano lessons.
  • Download a recording of a Billy Childs concert.
  • Participate in exclusive on-line Q & A sessions with Billy Childs.
  • Download sheet music for Billy Childs “Lyric” and “Lunacy and the Coming of Spring”.
   This project was completed on 9/11/2006    read more
The original project description read as follows

Get insider's information on Billy Childs’ latest creative ventures and take a close up look at the creative process behind his latest recording - ‘Jazz Chamber Music Vol. 1, Lyric.’ Through the Billy Childs ArtistShare Experience you will have the opportunity to experience the artistic world of Billy Childs through the work and words of the musician himself.

Childs will keep you up to date on his latest creative ventures by sharing exclusive sketches and personal commentary on the newest works he is developing. In addition, Childs is releasing his latest recording ‘Jazz Chamber Music Vol. 1, Lyric’ – an accessible, yet sophisticated and layered work. After you receive your copy of ‘Lyric’, analyze the creation of this complex work with the candid interviews, lecture/demonstrations and writings that Childs will be presenting over the course of this yearlong project.

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