billy childs' jazz chamber music vol. 1, lyric

jazz-chamber music, vo1 lyric cd

Jazz-Chamber Music, Vo1 Lyric CD

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  • Billy Childs’ “Jazz-Chamber Music, Vol1 Lyric” immediately via mail 
  •  Downloadable selections from a Billy Childs concert (128 kbps Mp3)
  • Exclusive interviews with band members from "Jazz-Chamber Music, Vol1 Lyric"
   This project was completed on 9/11/2006    read more

“Lyric” is the result of years of conceptualizing, rehearsing, and performing. I call it “jazz-chamber” music because, in it, we try to couple the intricacy of a chamber group with the spontaneity of a jazz ensemble. This is not a new concept; from third stream music, through the fusion era, to today, musicians have always been interested in the symbiotic possibilities of jazz and European classical music. “Jazz-chamber music” is our version of that. The mixture of the piano, harp, and acoustic guitar creates sonic possibilities, which give our ensemble uniqueness. The music on this CD balances lyricism and directness of melody with an underlying compositional complexity.

I couldn't have been luckier than to have the personnel who played on this recording: Larry Koonse, Bob Sheppard, Carol Robbins, Scott Colley, Brian Blade, Jimmy Johnson, and Smitty Smith.

As part of the Lyric Mail Order Participant package, a copy of the CD “Lyric” will be sent to you via mail. Also, I’ll be offering streaming audio of interviews with musicians who performed on the CD. Finally, as a bonus, you’ll receive a download of an archival recording of earlier groups. Thank you and take care.