billy childs' jazz chamber music vol. 1, lyric

billy childs' collector participant

Billy Childs' Collector Participant


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what you get

  • An autographed copy of Billy Childs’ 'Jazz-Chamber Music, Vol1 Lyric' immediately via mail
  • Exclusive downloads of Billy Childs’ poetry
  • An Exclusive download of sketches for the LA Master Chorale commission
  • interviews with musicians who appear on the 'Lunacy and The Coming of Spring' recording
  • An immediate download of Billy Childs’ “Lunacy and The Coming of Spring' 
  •  An autographed book of the 'Lunacy and The Coming of Spring' score immediately delivered via mail
   This project was completed on 9/11/2006    read more

Welcome – I’m very glad you are joining me here at the Collector Participant section of my ArtistShare website. This particular package represents a variety of artistic endeavors that I’ve been involved with over the years – ranging from the early eighties to the present.

First of all, upon purchase of this package, you’ll receive, via mail, an autographed copy of my most recent CD, “Lyric”. Secondly, a download of “Lunacy” and “The Coming Of Spring”, tracks I recorded in 1983, will be available, as well as audio interviews of musicians who performed on those tracks (downloadable PDFs of the autographed scores will also be available). In April 2005 my cantata, “The Voices Of Angels” was premiered in Walt Disney concert hall and was an incredible success. I consider it my best composition to date. Downloads of various sketches for that piece will also be offered.

Finally, I’ve written many poems over the years; I’ve often thought that if I were not a musician, I’d be a poet. To me, there is a strong similarity between the rhythm of music and the rhythm of words. In this package, I’ll be offering a few poems that I’ve written. I hope you enjoy them as well as all of the other features here in the Collector Participant section. Thanks for visiting.

Billy Childs