billy childs' jazz chamber music vol. 1, lyric

the lunacy and coming of spring participant

The Lunacy and Coming of Spring Participant


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  • Billy Childs’ 'Jazz-Chamber Music, Vol1 Lyric' CD immediately via mail 
  •  An immediate and complete download of Billy Childs’ 'Lunacy and The Coming of Spring' recording (128 kbps Mp3)
  • Downloadable scores from 'Lunacy and The Coming of Spring' 
  •  Written stories from the 'Lyric and The Lunacy and The Coming of Spring' experiences 
  •  Interviews with musician who appear on the 'Lunacy and The Coming of Spring' recording
   This project was completed on 9/11/2006    read more

There is an important similarity between the two projects “Lunacy - The Coming Of Spring” completed in 1983, and “Lyric”, my most recent one: they both are self-funded. Both were recorded with the freedom and autonomy one gets when he’s answerable to no one, artistically.

Lunacy and The Coming Of Spring remain dear to me today because they both represent the ultimate musical statement that was within my power to make at the time; I stretched myself to the maximum of my abilities, both artistically and financially. I’m offering downloads of these two compositions in this package, as well as streaming audio of interviews with participating musicians and stories about the recording. Also, you will be able to download PDFs of the scores of Lunacy and The Coming Of Spring.

Finally, my most recent recording, “Lyric” will also be sent to you by mail. Enjoy!

Billy Childs