billy childs' jazz chamber music vol. 1, lyric

billy childs’ compositional study participant with download - (128 kbps mp3)

Billy Childs’ Compositional Study Participant with Download - (128 kbps Mp3)


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what you get

  • An on-line Compositional Lesson with Billy Childs
  • A Q & A session 
  •  A Complete score of a composition to be studied over the course of the project along with sketches outlining its development
  •  Lecture/demonstration of the compositional process of the composition 
  •  Streaming audio interview with Billy Childs on a section from 'Jazz-Chamber Music, Vol1 Lyric'
  • An immediate and complete download of Billy Childs’ 'Jazz-Chamber Music, Vol1 Lyric' CD (128 kbps Mp3)
   This project was completed on 9/11/2006    read more

The compositional study participant package will make it possible for me to share my theories and concepts about composition with you through the prism of a single composition, “Into The Light”, which I feel is the most representative composition on my latest CD, “Lyric”. The lesson will consist of a thorough orchestrational and structural analysis of the piece, by way of a downloadable lecture/demonstration. However, it won’t be confined to “Into The Light”; I will use other musical examples, as well.

In addition to receiving a complete score of “Into The Light”, you will also get preliminary sketches and diagrams, which will help to outline the development of the piece.

Through email, you will be able to post weekly questions, which I will answer, if possible (if there is an unusually high volume of questions, I will limit the number of answers to seven). I will also occasionally post questions for you to answer. Also, a streaming audio interview with me speaking about salient sections of the CD, “Lyric”, will be offered.

And last, but not least, a download of “Lyric” will be available, for your listening pleasure. Thank you and be well,

Billy Childs