score and parts

Score and Parts

participant offers

ABC Blues (Download Only)

Make Me Smile (Download Only)

Samba Con Getchu (Download Only)

Nasty Dance (Download Only)

American Express, The (download only)


Alone from Spirit Music (Download Only)

American Tragedy (Download Only)

At the Corner of Ralph and Gary (Download Only)

Cameo (Download Only)

Ceremony (Download Only)

Collage #1 for Woodwind Quintet (Download Only)

Dance For Life from Spirit Music (Download Only)

Days Gone By, Oh My! (Download only)

Ding Dong Ding (Download Only)

Dreams (Download only)

El Co (Download Only)

Elegy (Download Only)

Fireflies (Download Only)

First Love Song (Download Only)

For Maria (Download Only)

For You (Download Only)

Get Well Soon (Download Only)

Happy Song from Spirit Music (Download Only)

Hello & Goodbye (Download Only)

Ho Hum (Download only)

Idyll (Download Only)

Just Plain Meyer (Download Only)

Lovely (Download Only)

Mellow Drama (Download Only)

Monster Rally (Download Only)

New Love from Spirit Music (Download Only)

Over Here (Download Only)

Sad Song (Download Only)

Seesaw (Download Only)

Silver Lining from Spirit Music (Download Only)

Song, Sing, Sung (Download Only)

Suite for Three: 1. Oatts (Download Only)

Suite for Three: 2. Scott (Download Only)

Suite for Three: 3. Rich (Download Only)

Sweetie (Download Only)

Tah-Dum! (Download Only)

Talking for String Trio (Download Only)

The Big Time (Download Only)

The Door from Spirit Music (Download Only)

The End from Spirit Music (Download Only)

The Fan Club (Download Only)

XYZ (Download Only)

past project highlights

  • Immediately download Bob Brookmeyer scores and parts
  • Instant access to any updates or corrections
  • Exclusive bonus content only available to participants
   This project was completed on 7/29/2006    read more
The original project description read as follows

I am happy to finally announce that I have found a venue to start releasing my compositions for groups to perform. My compositions have been published in the past, but only a small percentage of them have been available and they tend to go in and out of print. Well, thankfully – with a HUGE help from my copyists, Dave Rivello and Ryan Truesdell – that percentage of available charts is growing. We are starting with 15 charts – all never before published – and expanding from there. Be sure and keep checking as new titles will be added as they are copied/completed.

However, because of the great venue we have in ArtistShare, I can finally offer you more than just notes on paper. I will be adding streaming audio of my thoughts on composition, how to rehearse a band, suggestions for soloists on how to approach my music, as well as much more. My hope is that you will not only get joy from performing my music, but to also learn a bit more about me, my music and my process. I’m so happy to finally offer this music to you and I hope you enjoy!!

If you don’t see a title that you are interested in, please contact my assistant, Ryan Truesdell at He will be able to tell you whether the title is available or not, and when it will be up on the site for you to purchase. If there are enough requests for a certain title, he’ll bump the title up to the top of the list.

To open any pdf files that you'll receive from me, you'll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's very easy to get as it's a free download at