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samba con getchu (download only)

Samba Con Getchu (Download Only)

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  • Immediately download scores and parts Instant access to any updates or corrections
  • Interview with pianist/composer Jim McNeely on Bob, Mel Lewis, and this music.
  • Discussion with Ryan Truesdell on the details of preparing and editing this music
  • Rehearsal and performance suggestions (from Ryan Truesdell)
  • Bob's general thoughts on composition, rehearsal techniques and soloist suggestions (included in all offers)
  • Interviews with other musicians discussing Bob and his music (included in all offers)
   This project was completed on 7/29/2006    read more

"Samba Con Getchu" is a fun, energetic chart written for the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra in February 1966, and first released on their album, Live at the Village Vanguard (Solid State) in 1967. It's a medium-up samba and it has solo space for Trumpet, Tenor, Alto, Piano, and Drums (though it is possible to open up the chart to feature other members of the orchestra).

After years of being out of print (and before that, published with many mistakes), we are thrilled to finally make this chart available again, re-engraved and edited directly from Bob's original manuscript score, and the original parts provided by the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. This is the first time in over fifty years that this music is available to be studied and performed as Bob originally conceived it.