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past project highlights

  • Experience the creative process with Maria!
  • Get an inside look at Maria's compositional process.
  • Hear the music unfold from the first rehearsal to the final recording.
  • Score samples
   This project was completed on 7/1/2004    read more
The original project description read as follows

Concert In the Garden was released in 2004 and made history as the first album to win a GRAMMY with Internet-only sales. It also (through the ground-breaking power of ArtistShare) heralded the age of crowdfunding. This was ArtistShare's first project, and the album received 4 Grammy nominations, one being for Donny McCaslin's magnificent tenor solo. The following description was written prior to its launch for people who pre-ordered. But all documentation described below continues to be made available to everyone who purchases Concert In the Garden. All you need to do is login after your purchase. It was a thrill to make a record that would help ArtistShare pioneer an industry.
~ Maria

Through ArtistShare you have the chance to experience the making of the next Maria Schneider Orchestra CD! My orchestra will record my newest music. The pieces we'll record include 'Three Romances' (1. Choro Dancado 2. Pas de Deux 3. Danca Ilusoria) commissioned by the University of Miami and 'Bulerias, Soleas y Rumbas,' a very flamenco tinged piece for my orchestra with 2 cajons, commissioned by Jazz at Lincoln Center and premiered in January 2003 (see review under 'Press'), and an unwritten work which Hunter College is presently commissioning me to compose for my own orchestra. This new work will be premiered at the Kaye Playhouse on February 19th, 2004. I am very much looking forward to recording all of this new music. The final project will be released no later than July 1st, 2004.

I am offering many levels of participation for this project so that you will be able to experience it with me. I have tried to include something for everyone.

One small item more. I created a movie with the still photo shots taken throughout my hang gliding experience in Rio. I've put them in sequence to the music to show how the experience inspired the music. If you become a participant in this recording you will have immediate access to the movie.