Composer 'Plus Plus' Participant

Concert in the Garden

Composer 'Plus Plus' Participant


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What you get

  • "Evanescence - the Complete Scores" (published by Universal) via mail
  • Concert In the Garden CD via mail
  • Access exclusive interviews with musicians (including Trey Anastasio of Phish) about collaboration and the creative process
  • Access an exclusive interview with engineer David Baker who passed away shortly after release of recording
  • Access exclusive videos of the rehearsals, the recording sessions, the Lincoln Center interview, and more
  • Downloadable excerpts of the scores and written analyses of "Choro Dançado, Pas de Deux and Dança Ilusória"
  • Exclusive audio discussions of "Concert In the Garden," "Bulería, Soleá y Rumba," and on all nine pieces from Evanescence
  • MP3s to all nine pieces from Evanescence
  • 4 Lectures/Q&A's from the Hunter College Concert Series (one features Bob Brookmeyer)

About This Offer

Composer 'Plus Plus' Participants receive exclusive access to score samples for each piece, sound clips from rehearsals, my own personal comments about the pieces, recording, mixing and editing phases of the record. Much information has been posted and there's more to come.

You receive streaming access to the series of four Hunter College discussions which occurred February thru June 2004.

You also receive exclusive access to a streamed discussion and in depth analysis of the music from my CD Evanescence. In addition, you receive downloadable MP3 files for each track on Evanescence.

To accompany the discussion, we will mail you a copy of 'Evanescence--The Complete Scores' which is a beautifully bound book of all the scores from my album 'Evanescence.'