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This project was completed on 7/24/2007. Below are the original project highlights and description:

    • Executive Producer Participant: Little Johnny Koerber
    • Gold Participants: Carl and Dori Schneider
    • Silver Participants: Eugene Malinowski, Bill Bloemer, Justin Freed
    • Bronze Participants: Paul James, Peter Riley, Eric Wenocur, Kate Schneider, Bret Gladstone, Bob and Lauren Bresnan, Jeff Clemens

  • Follow along with Maria through ArtistShare as she writes a new commission for Peter Sellars and the New Crowned Hope Festival
  • See sketches of the new commission and hear clips from the first rehearsal through to the final recording session
  • Learn about her passion for birding and hear how this relates to her new composition
  • Get credit listing on the Sky Blue CD for helping make this recording possible
   This project was completed on 7/28/2007    read more
The original project description read as follows

Sky Blue was released in 2007 and subsequently won a Grammy award for the composition "Cerulean Skies." The following description was written prior to its launch. All documentation described below continues to be made available to everyone who purchases Sky Blue in any form. All you need to do is login after your purchase. We loved documenting the making of this recording and hope you enjoy a peek behind the scenes as well.

The creation of a recording is exhilarating, thrilling, daunting, and everything in between. And, the experience is totally different every time. While there's so much to plan, the best things arrive magically on their own.

Through this ArtistShare project I want to provide a virtual experience that includes the creation of a new work, my final editing of recent works and the process of rehearsing, tweaking and recording.

I will expose some of my creative process as I compose a commission for the New Crowned Hope Festival. This and the fascinating process of recording will all be captured through photos, anecdotes and streamed audio and video. You'll hear commentaries from the musicians, engineer and anyone interesting who might pop into the picture.

Please join us as this mysterious process unfolds by choosing a participation offer that best suits you. We'll meet at the end when I send you the fruit of your participation and our collective creative work! I still remember hauling the first big batch of my previous recording Concert in the Garden to the post office. I couldn't wait to share it with all the people that made it possible. I look forward to that moment again!