Sky Blue CD

Sky Blue

Sky Blue CD


What you get

  • Sky Blue CD with standard packaging (mail delivery date 7/24/07)
  • Downloadable MP3 of Tork's Cafe - never before released!
  • Exclusive interview with Maria on Tork’s Cafe
  • Downloadable MP3 of 'Waltz for Toots' - un-released track from 'Coming About' session
  • All Sky Blue Recording Project Experience

About This Offer

Sky Blue was released in 2007 and subsequently won a Grammy award for the composition "Cerulean Skies." The following description was written prior to its launch. All documentation described below continues to be made available to everyone who purchases Sky Blue in any form. All you need to do is login after your purchase. We had a lot of fun documenting the making of this recording and hope you, too, will enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes as well.

The Sky Blue Standard Edition Participant is a standard wallet CD package with liner notes by Maria describing her music and what's behind it. These CDs will start shipping on July 24th, 2007.

Starting now and leading up to that date, I'll share the creative process of composing my final work (inspired by birds and migration), take you inside rehearsals, give you early glimpses of the music, sharing all that we experience. It all arrives via written journals, streamed audio and video, and photo galleries. I want to wrap you in the excitement, intensity, and even fear and frustration that also enter into the process.

I'm looking forward to the birth of this new music that will ultimately be the collaboration of all the remarkable people I'll be surrounded by. As a participant, you’re making this all possible. Knowing that you're following along, anticipating what comes, makes me reach as far as I can to share something wonderful. I hope you'll take this journey with us by adding this or one of the other available offers to your cart.