MSO Featuring You - Sky Blue

Sky Blue

MSO Featuring You - Sky Blue


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What you get

  • Downloadable PDFs of solo parts for all 5 Sky Blue titles: C, Bb, Eb, and F
  • Downloadable MP3s of all 5 compositions from Sky Blue mixed "without" the improvised solos
  • Streamed interviews with various soloists from Sky Blue, speaking about their approach to these solos
  • A few streamed interviews from the recording session

About This Offer If you're looking for a chance to work on your improvisation in a wide variety of contexts, playing along with a magnificent rhythm section, backed up by extraordinary horns, then this is your chance. You can be inside of the Maria Schneider Orchestra, playing on every single solo from our 2007 Sky Blue album. Titles are: "The Pretty Road," "Aires de Lando," "Rich's Piece," "Cerulean Skies," and "Sky Blue."

We've mixed every title without the solos for you to play along with, and then we put together 'solo' parts in every key: C, Bb, Eb, and F, so no matter what instrument you play, you can participate. We've also included a few interviews with musicians talking about how they approach improvising on this music to inspire you in your practice.

The MP3s have been edited so that each cut starts just a couple of phrases before your solo, so that you can keep on looping back without waiting through long sections.

I hope you'll enjoy this fun opportunity to play with the band no matter what your instrument is!