Apr 04 2024 - Welcome to the Alegria project

What is the most magical moment you can remember while listening to music? Was it a live performance, something on the radio as a child, or even something you may have performed yourself?

Just take a minute now to reflect on that.

What you may be feeling when remembering that moment is Alegría which means happiness or joy in Spanish.

ArtistShare is pleased to announce Shelly Berg's Alegría project. Together we will explore the moments of boundless joy which we all experience through music. In the process, Shelly will be creating a new album with his good friends and collaborators Carlitos del Puerto and Dafnis Prieto.

Along with following the creative process from start to finish, Shelly will capture the moments big and small to share with you.

We will also be interviewing musicians and listeners alike to share their own life changing musical moments.

Please join us today and be a part of this joyful journey.