Jan 08 2024 - Synthesis : The String Quartet Sessions

Synthesis: The String Quartet Sessions is an epic new project by Grammy Award-winning producer Ryan Truesdell, which pairs 15 large ensemble jazz composers with a historic instrumentation through newly commissioned works for string quartet.


The synthesis of the composers' uniquely personal voices, the instrumentalists’ mastery of a wide variety of musical styles, and this prestigious instrumental art form produces a new genre of music found within the intersection of jazz, classical, world, and contemporary music. This new music draws fresh, revolutionary sounds from the quartet, transforming your perceptions of the capabilities and sonorities of traditional string quartets.


As a participant of Synthesis, you will gain access to the composers’ creative process, insights into creating their new works, behind the scenes access to the rehearsal and recording process, sketches of works-in-progress, production notes, and interviews with the musicians. In the Gold and Executive offers you will have a chance to share this music with a school or professional string quartet of your choice, so you can share these adventurous sounds with a new generation of string player.


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