the torben waldorff brilliance project

The Torben Waldorff Brilliance Project

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Brilliance, Live at the 55 Bar, NYC Participant

Brilliance, Live at the 55 Bar, NYC Participant - 320 kbps Mp3

Brilliance, Live at the 55 Bar, NYC Participant - 128 kbps Mp3

Mixing Brilliance, Live at the 55 Bar, NYC Participant

past project highlights

  • Listen to Torben comment on his gigs his musical - experiences and his inspiration
  • Download Brilliance along with Torben’s commentary on the album and a bonus track featuring Ingrid Jensen
  • Download the separate tracks of Brilliance in order to mix it yourself - this includes tracks with Donny McCaslin and Ingrid Jensen and all the instrumentals in the recording session
  • The Torben Waldorff Brilliance Project Experience
   This project was completed on 4/9/2007    read more
The original project description read as follows

The web is the new way to share the music experience and it will be taking over from traditional distribution of music as it is far more powerful, varied, dynamic and offers a much more direct channel to broader information.

Join the experience and have access to a comprehensive presentation of Torben Waldorff music and activity through audio and video presentation of rehearsals, concerts, elaborations on composition, improvising, arranging and inspirations. When you visit your account you can enjoy updates on evolving work, concert takes and commentaries. Gain insights on recording work, personal views on musical development, and share the touring experience with photo galleries and Torben Waldorff Radio. We are also using the power of the web to make available a unique new way of actively enjoy, explore and examine the details and the ins and outs of the performance of the “Brilliance” recording through a set of downloadable files. The separate instrument tracks that turns into to a full studio session that puts you at the sliders on the mixing console