the torben waldorff brilliance project

brilliance, live at the 55 bar, nyc participant

Brilliance, Live at the 55 Bar, NYC Participant

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what you get

  • Receive Torben’s album Brilliance via mail as well as the bonus track “Squealfish” with Ingrid Jensen via download.
  • Listen to Torben Waldorff in concert.
  • Enjoy a streaming audio interview with Torben, Donny, Jon, and Matt.
  • Download Torben’s musings on the creation of his new album.
  • Receive Lead Sheets to Torben’s compositions from Brilliance.
  • Look at photos from Torben’s gigs.
  • Hear what Torben has to say about his inspirations.
  • Hear about Torben’s experiences with gigs and being a musician.
   This project was completed on 4/9/2007    read more

With this offer you will receive the "Brilliance" CD (with Donny McCaslin, Matt Clohsey, and Jon Wikan) by mail, downloadable bonus track from the session as well as live in-concert takes of selections from the record, recorded on tour in different group settings and locations.

When you visit your account you can enjoy updates on evolving compositional work, concert takes with new music and commentaries through on-line or downloadable audio, video, leadsheets and writings. Gain insights on recording work, personal views on musical development as a composer and performer. Share the touring experience with photo galleries and Torben Waldorff Radio

Gain a deeper insight into the process of writing music, improvising, rehearsing, recording, touring and inspirations.

On the road trivia and live concert outtakes with new as well as recorded original music from around the world