the torben waldorff brilliance project

mixing brilliance, live at the 55 bar, nyc participant

Mixing Brilliance, Live at the 55 Bar, NYC Participant

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what you get

  • The "Brilliance", live at the 55 Bar, NYC, CD with Donny McCaslin, Jon Wikan and Matt Clohesy in a studio mixing session
  • The "Brilliance", live at the 55 Bar, NYC, CD with Donny McCaslin, Jon Wikan and Matt Clohesy, via mp3 download.
  • CD artwork, ready to assemble and use in jewel case
  • Downloadable bonus track to the “Brilliance” CD, Ingrid Jensen makes an appearance playing at the recording session.
  • On-line and downloadable live recordings of compositions from "Brilliance” in alternate live versions on the road
   This project was completed on 4/9/2007    read more

DJ´s, sound freaks, listeners curious about the anatomy of the mix, turn those sliders up, down, kill the bass, use only the sax, loop the guitar riff, add distortion, wha-wha or yourself, whatever… the sound board is yours here, open source jazz session (just don’t forget copyrights)

This is "Brilliance", live at the 55 Bar, laid out in separate tracks so you can experience some of what we experienced during the production of this recording. The mixing session consists of 9 separate track files in mp3 format, saxophone, guitar, synth, line and direct bass, 2 drum tracks and 2 effects tracks.

Tracks are in 128 kbps mono (equal to 320 kbps stereo)
Drums overhead, synth and effect tracks are 128 kbps stereo

Major audio applications will convert the files and open the session. The FREE one, and not hard to use, for all platforms, (Mac, Windows, Linux) is Audacity. ( ) And Logic, ProTools, CuBase, will do fine.

More detailed instruction in downloadable PDF The default levels are as on the CD but you will need to adjust the pan a bit. Make your own version, listen to individual tracks use the bass track for loops etc. Do note that the live recording situation may not really allow for such separation between tracks that this can be used for music minus one, the leakage between tracks may be a bit too tangible. This in turn is also what makes mixing it such an interesting challenge.

Do note that the session files are some 540 mb to download, and the mixing files will take about 6 to 8GB of disc space. With the offer you will also download the "Brilliance" CD, bonus track from the session as mp3 (320kbps), as well as live in-concert takes of selections from the record, recorded on tour in different group settings and locations. Enjoy radio, photo galleries, on-line as well as downloadable material portraying the everyday life as a composing and improvising musician and bandleader.

Gain a deeper insight into the process of writing music, improvising, rehearsing, recording, touring and inspirations.