the patrick williams project - aurora (threshold revisited)

aurora cd (mail order)

Aurora CD (mail order)



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what you get

  • The  ArtistShare┬« Project Big Band CD Aurora via mail
  • Immediate access to high quality download of the CD!
  • The complete ArtistShare Project Experience
   This project was completed on 3/31/2011    read more

Welcome to the LTD Edition CD "Aurora" Participant Offer where it is my pleasure to share the creation of this new big band work with you through ArtistShare.  As a participant, during the course of this project you will have a unique look into the entire creative process from start to finish.

Along the way I will be sharing video, audio shows, downloads, photos and news keeping you update to date on the status and progress of this work, made possible by you, the fan.

I hope you will join me as a CD Participant or explore the other ArtistShare offers as well.