Student Participant

Jon Gordon - Answer

Student Participant


What you get

  • An audio lesson on the process of preparing and recording a CD at different points in your career, for different ensembles, experiences from previous CDs I’ve recorded, etc
  • A high quality download of the project recording
  • My book Foundations for Improvisers and Further Concepts (ebook edition)
  • Charts from the recording session
  • A book of my compositions (PDF Download)
  • Access to submit your questions to be answered in a monthly podcast for participants only
  • The ArtistShare project experience

About This Offer

As a Student Participant, you will receive my unique insight and approach to the entire process of writing, preparing and performing music for a professional recording.  I will discuss my past experience,  and techniques for writing for the musicians as well as preparation and rehearsal of the music for this recording.

Each participant will be given access to send comments and questions to the artist to be answered in a series of podcasts available to you via the ArtistShare project.