the donny mccaslin 'soar' project

"the way through" download participant - 320 kbps mp3

"The Way Through" Download Participant - 320 kbps Mp3

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what you get

  • An audio show with Donny McCaslin on the inspirations behind "The Way Through"
  • An audio show with Donny McCaslin and "The Way Through" band members talking about the making of the record
  • Downloadable live recordings of different compositions from "The Way Through"
  • Donny McCaslin's "The Way Through" via 320 kbps Mp3 download
  • A copy of 'Soar' via mail
   This project was completed on 7/3/2006    read more

This offer features a high quality download of the recording “The Way Through” which features Scott Colley, Adam Cruz, Luciana Souza, Douglas Yates, Anders Bostrom, and me. In addition you’ll receive a copy of my newest recording “Soar” on Sunnyside records which features Luciana Souza, Ben Monder, Orrin Evans, Scott Colley, Pernell Saturnino, Antonio Sanchez, Shane Endsley, Luis Bonilla, and myself. This offer also includes an audio show with the inspirations behind “The Way Through” and an audio show with band members about the making of the record and downloadable live recordings of various compositions from “The Way Through”