the donny mccaslin 'soar' project

live participant

Live Participant

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what you get

  • A download of a live Donny McCaslin concert
  • Downloads of 2 CMA concerts
  • A download of the complete CMA grant score
  • Rehearsal recordings leading up to the CMA concerts
  • A journal entry from Donny McCaslin on the live performance
  • An interview with Donny and his band members about what it's like to work with him.
  • Interviews with Donny and his Band after the CMA concerts
  • Exclusive photo galleries from the CMA concerts
   This project was completed on 7/3/2006    read more

I recently received a Chamber Music of America grant to compose new music and with this participant offer you’ll receive an in depth look at the performance and rehearsal process of the new pieces. There will be downloads of the complete CMA score, and rehearsal footage, as well as interviews with the musicians involved, concert photo galleries, journal entries, a downloadable live performance.