Musician Participant

The Dave Peck Music Project

Musician Participant


What you get

  • A series of on-line lessons
  • Exclusive Q and A sessions
  • A copy of Dave Peck's Good Road CD

About This Offer I am most excited about this part of my project with ArtistShare. I have
been a teacher for many years and I believe that it has made me a better
player. This offer includes a set of three lessons: Open Voicing, and Parts one and two of The Cycle, The Clock and the Map. Each one will be
accompanied by a lead sheet and written exercises for you to download. Also included are the 12 solo performances of the Tune of the Month. We will be setting up a place for your questions and I will take the most interesting question and post the reply. You will receive a copy of my new CD Good Road with Joe La Barbera and Jeff Johnson.

Thanks for the support and keep practicing!