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  • Prominent credit listing on the new recording
  • A private house concert or virtual live performance for you and your friends
  • Narrated listening guides to the music that inspired me the most
  • Access to the ArtistShare project experience as we document the process of the new recording
   This project was completed on 4/10/2019    read more
The original project description read as follows

Welcome to the Jon Gordon Quartet 2018 project on ArtistShare!  My goal for ths project is to capture the best playing possible in a recording of my original music with a quartet I've been working with in recent years. 

The musicians include Bryn Roberts- piano, Matt Clohesy- bass, and Quincy Davis- drums.  The plan is to record a combination of live performance as well as studio sessions at the legendary Rudy VanGelder studios.

Through this project I hope to be able to showcase and represent the best aspects of this group while creating high quality recordings of my original compositions that I've been wanting to both record or reimagine.

I welcome you to join me on this exciting creative journey.