like silver, like song

Like Silver, Like Song

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Music and the Visual Participant

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The Essential Jane Ira Bloom Experience Participant

past project highlights

  • Receive prints of Jane’s own B & W art photography
  • Be among the very first to receive a continuous play ‘Like Silver Like Song’ - Jane's most recent recording
  • Subscription access to mp3 PodCasts

   This project was completed on 3/15/2006    read more
The original project description read as follows

Jane Ira Bloom has been developing her musical style for over the past 25 years. Unique in terms of philosophy and approach, her music is infused with a wide variety of influences ranging from psychology to space exploration. In her first ArtistShare project, Jane plans to explore her improvisational style and delve more deeply into her own process.

Over the course of this year long project, Jane will be providing valuable insight into her creative process through interviews, writings, PodCasts, her personal photography and ultimately through her music.

Participants will receive ‘Like Silver, Like Song’ Jane’s most recent recording. In addition, they will have access to exclusive photo galleries, lectures on improvisation as well as mp3 downloadable interviews on subjects ranging from psychology to the recording process.