like silver, like song

music and the visual participant

Music and the Visual Participant
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what you get

  • Autographed, Ltd Edition continuous play CD ‘Like Silver, Like Song’ (ArtistShare 0007) via mail
  • 3 personalized, autographed and numbered prints from Jane Ira Bloom’s personal photography collection, taken while she was recording ‘Like Silver, Like Song’, printed on archival photo paper suitable for framing
  • Artists Top 10 IPod list with written commentary
  • An extensive digital gallery of the artist’s photography
  • An audio commentary from Jane discussing her visual approach to sound
  • CD ‘Like Silver, Like Song’ discreet track version with Mp3 (ArtistShare 0007x)
   This project was completed on 3/15/2006    read more

Are you interested in how a variety of influences come into play with respect to creativity and how an artist unifies them? Are you interested in the visual arts and musical processes? This is a valuable and exciting offer, which give you a fascinatingly personal look into Jane’s process.

Experience the recording as it was completely envisioned by Jane Ira Bloom through the CD’s continuous play version. This format unifies each individual composition into a continuous flow, unbroken by traditional CD track separation. Jane Ira Bloom has, however, marked each individual composition so that you can still skip to each one as you would on any regularly tracked CD. In addition, she has attached a bonus Mp3 to the disc for your individual use.

You will also be amongst the very few to receive 3 custom numbered prints from Jane Ira Bloom’s personal photography collection. Frame them or archive them, they will be personalized, autographed by Jane Ira Bloom for you.

Over the course of this project, you will receive access to an extensive digital photo gallery Jane’s photographic collection taken while she was recording ‘Like Silver, Like Song’, an invaluable insight into her musical influences. You will also receive the discreet track version of ‘Like Silver, Like Song’ (ArtistShare 0007x) along with the downloadable file of the continuous version ideal for Mp3 player use. In addition there will be a video lecture and presentation highlighting Jane’s thoughts on her unique approach to the soprano saxophone as well as full access to the Jane’s bi-monthly PodCasts.

You will also have access to numerous conversations and interviews from Jane and her collaborators sharing their thoughts on Jane’s unique creative process. There will be video and audio downloads, PodCasts, exclusive photo galleries, and essays all of which will be enlightening and educational to even the most casual of fans.