flow project: nexus album

Flow Project:  NEXUS album

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past project highlights

  • Original new album Nexus (Delivery Date March 31, 2008)
  • Compositional sketches and demos
  • Exclusive photo galleries
  • Exclusive streaming videos and audios of rehearsals tours and recording
  • Interviews with Monday Michiru her musicians and crew involved in the project
  • And more!
   This project was completed on 3/31/2008    read more
The original project description read as follows

Welcome to my new project "Flow"! Experience the unfolding of my next album entitled "NEXUS" and its unique creative process.

Through the "Flow" project, you will have the opportunity to participate and experience an album coming together from conception to the final recorded product. This time around, I am taking a unique approach by attempting to make a series of songs "flow" together into one cohesive piece from start to finish, and will be collaborating with many talented musicians and producers.

To explain further about the overall concept and inspiration to this album, back in 1990 I bought a CD entitled "One World One Voice"
(Virgin) and was immediately enchanted with its concept of bringing together the "voices" of many talented artists through a series of songs that intertwined from one to the next -- it was hard to tell where one tune ended and the next started. This idea of a continuum of music, hearts and ideas is what I will attempt to express in "NEXUS."
Throughout the duration of the project, you will see the ideas and its progress through a series of blogs, pictures, videos, compositional sketches and demos, and other things that will no doubt find its way into the project and shed light on what going on in my little head.
And of course, the pay off is a unique project and album like no other that you have helped to build with your participation!

To access the Flow Project, click here to see the various participant offers listed, and check out the many different ways you can join me in my new musical journey! There's sure to be a package that's right for you!