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Flow Vocal Participant

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what you get

  • 2 Online vocal lessons which include lectures, demonstrations, charts and written exercises
  • Access to communicating with me with your questions
  • Your own karaoke Music-Minus-One versions of the tracks from "Nexus"
  • Special video footage of me vocalizing and working on material
  • The Limited Edition "Nexus" CD (Delivery Date May 31, 2008)
  • Download copy of the remix CD EP "Alternate Routes"
   This project was completed on 3/31/2008    read more

Welcome to my very special Vocal Participant Package for the "Flow" project! I'm ultra-excited to share with you not only the unfolding of my new album "Flow" (from conceptualization, all the creative processes from writing to demos and the recording, to the final product, the album itself), but also techniques I use as a vocalist and my overall theory and approach to music. As a singer who has also helped and worked with countless Japanese singers in the studio (Chara, UA, Eri Nobuchika, Mink, Angelina, etc.), I believe that I have the experience and a unique approach that can be helpful to those singers who are still trying to find their "voice."

To begin with, there is an introductory video welcoming you to the project and my initial concepts and ideas for "Flow," as well as my overall approach to singing and music in general. There will be two downloadable PDF files of music outlining technical exercises I use to strengthen and tone my voice that anyone can use, as well as audio excerpts demonstrating these exercises. In additional, there will be a special video footage of me vocalizing and working on material un-related to the "Flow" project. I will also include a list of my all time favorite singers and tracks that have helped and inspired me as a singer and explanation for why I love these tracks and singers. As the months progress and the ideas for the project begin to...well, "flow," you will get quarterly updates via personalized videos, newsletters and blogs, ideas behind my lyrics, compositions and arrangements/productions, as well as picture galleries showing various stages of the project. I anticipate some tours during the project where I hope to be able to try out my new songs live, so there's sure to be rehearsal tapes and live performance cuts showing the development of the songs. During the recording itself, you'll get a chance to see and hear my demos and how it metamorphoses into the final track, get downloadable charts from the new recording, hear commentaries from the musicians, engineers and others involved in the project, as well as check out the mastering and packaging process. As a Vocal Participant, you'll get a special blog explaining certain challenges, difficulties or approaches made during the recording of "Flow." During the duration of the project, you will also have free access to contact me directly through my website with any questions you may have regarding vocal approaches, techniques, etc., whether it pertains to things you hear on my recordings, questions regarding my lesson and technique plans, advice you're seeking, etc. Once the album is complete, you will get a copy of the limited CD pressing of "Flow," as well as downloadable tracks from "Flow" WITHOUT the lead vocals so you too can sing along karaoke style! While waiting for the album to be completed, enjoy the remix EP "Alternate Routes" which features 5 very cool remixes of material from my "Routes" album as well as an original track previously unreleased.

Click "add to cart" on top of this special Vocal Participant Package listing, or see what other offers may suit you. Whatever you choose, I thank you for contributing and making this recording and project possible -- your support means a lot!