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25th Anniversary Project Download

25th Anniversary Project  Download
  • The ArtistShare® Project recording via Audio File download (
  • Downloadable project cover art
  • The complete ArtistShare® Project Experience including access to the creative process behind the making of the recording
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25th Anniversary Project CD

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25th Anniversary Project CD
  • The DIVA Jazz Orchestra's 25th Anniversary Project CD via mail
  • The complete ArtistShare® Project Experience including access to the creative process behind the making of the recording
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Project Highlights

  • Receive prominent credit listing on the new recording 
  • Invitation to the final rehearsal and recording session
  • Full DIVA immersion at the Deer Head Inn - Stay with us at the Deer Head Inn (One of the country's oldest jazz clubs in the Delaware Water Gap, PA) during the recording sessions - limited to premium participants
  • Access to exclusive discussions with the performers and composers featured on the project
  • See original sketches of music from all the composers involved
  • VIP access to performances, including the "World Premier" of the music recorded for the 25th Anniversary Project
  • Experience the the rich history of The DIVA Jazz Orchestra through personal photographs, video, and private conversations
  • Exclusive access to the entire creative process behind the making of the recording

About this project

For 25 years, the DIVA Jazz Orchestra has toured the world to both critical and popular acclaim, performing with many of the most notable icons in jazz, playing music composed and arranged by some of the greatest writers in music.

While DIVA is rooted in the tradition of the great historic Big Bands, since their first rehearsal in June of 1992, they have always commissioned all of their music with the goal of providing each player a means to truly express their creative and unique identity, while simultaneously creating the band’s distinct personality and rich history.

This 25 year benchmark has inspired Music Director and Drummer, Sherrie Maricle, to reflect deeply about the outstanding talent that has shaped the band, and the writers (including band members) who have given DIVA the brilliant musical means to showcase and highlight that talent. As Sherrie thought about the current band, she had the realization that most of the players are not only exceptional performers but also gifted composers and arrangers. That, coupled with the fact that many of them have been in the band for 10+, 15+ and 20+ years, and some newer members were once young fans, sparked her vision for DIVA’s 25th Anniversary Project.

To honor DIVA’s 25 year history and legacy of the band’s founder, Stanley Kay, Sherrie has tasked herself and has asked 9 other band members to compose and arrange a new piece of music to commemorate this significant milestone. To have 10 composers in the band, writing for the band, who have played together for years, who helped forge DIVA’s style and sound, who know the band’s history, who know and respect each other musically and genuinely like each other, has given them a remarkable opportunity to create and share their first all-original DIVA plays DIVA recording; 10 original writers composing for 15 friends in 1 amazing band.

It’s DIVA’s mission to continue to evolve their powerful, dynamic and precise ensemble sound through the exceptional individual talent within the band and their extraordinary composers and arrangers. They invite you to be a part of the journey.

Welcome to the DIVA Jazz Orchestra's 25th Anniversary Project.

As a participant, you are invited to join the DIVA Jazz Orchestra as they celebrate 25 years of incredible music, amazing musicians, and rich experiences. You will have exclusive access to the creative process as they prepare and record new music for this inspired new project. Watch the music grow, from the earliest writing stages, to the first rehearsals, and finally the recording session. Along the way, you'll experience every aspect of the DIVA Jazz Orchestra's brilliant history.

We look forward to you joining us on this musical journey. Become an essential part of the DIVA Jazz Orchestra's 25th Anniversary Project.