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Nexus CD Participant


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what you get

  • The Limited Edition Nexus CD via mail
  • An exclusive audio interview with the Artist
  • The Artist's ArtistShare Project Experience (i.e. the artist's creative process as it happens)
   This project was completed on 3/31/2008    read more

Welcome to my CD Participant Package for the "Flow" project! I'm excited to share with you the unfolding of my new album from the conceptualization, all the creative processes from writing to demos, the recording, to the final product, the album itself.

To begin with, you will be invited to view my streaming video greeting welcoming you to the "Flow" project and my initial concepts and ideas for the album. As the months progress and the ideas begin to...well, "flow," you will get quarterly updates via streaming videos, newsletters and blogs, ideas behind my lyrics, compositions and arrangements/productions, as well as picture galleries showing various stages of the project. I anticipate some tours during the project where I hope to be able to try out my new songs live, so there's sure to be rehearsal tapes and live performance cuts showing the development of the songs. During the recording itself, you'll get a chance to see and hear my demos and how it metamorphoses into the final track, get downloadable charts from the new recording, hear commentaries from the musicians, engineers and others involved in the project, as well as check out the mastering and packaging process. Once the album is complete, you will get a copy of the limited CD pressing of "Flow." You will also get to download recent performances from Japan featuring tunes from "Routes" and other notable songs.

Choose this CD Participant Package listing, or see what other offers may suit you. Whatever you choose, I thank you for contributing and making this recording and project possible -- your support means a lot!