no love lost - the telephone game

no love lost cd participant (mail order)

No Love Lost CD Participant (mail order)

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what you get

  • No Love Lost CD via mail
  • An inside look at the making of No Love Lost
  • Submit your own love story for a chance to have Kate put it to song
  • Kate Schutt's ArtistShare® Project Experience as it unfolds
  • A download of the new ArtistShare recording The Telephone Game (delivery date Jul 31 2008 12:00AM)
   This project was completed on 8/31/2008    read more

With this offer you’ll receive a (LTD Edition) ArtistShare® copy of Kate’s brand new CD “No Love Lost".

Then join Kate in the process of creating a new series of songs based on love stories submitted by you, her fans. These stories can be about any kind of love: love of a city or street, love for a character in a book, love of a season, unrequited love, false or true love.

Kate is interested in how stories intentionally and unintentionally change by being passed on from one person to the next. She will write four or more songs based on submitted stories, and these songs and others will be released as “The Telephone Game,” a LTD Edition ArtistShare® CD, in August 2008.

All participants, whether choosing to submit a story or not, can be part of the “Spread the Love” team. There will be a special link on the site where participants can go to send songs with personal messages to friends and acquaintances. Participants will also gain access to creative podcasts, Kate’s songwriting notebooks, special live recordings and video footage.