The Art of Listening Participant Offer Download

Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer "Free Association" Project

The Art of Listening Participant Offer Download


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What you get

  • A rare album with Jim's wife, Jane Hall (Vocals) and Ed Bickert (Guitar) playing jazz standards
  • Exclusive audio commentary on the Jane Hall album
  • Interviews with Jim Hall and other musicians on how they approach listening and playing duo Insight into what makes the master musicians perfect accompanists

About This Offer Welcome to Jim Hall's the Art of Listening Participant Offer. Through this exclusive new means participants can get an in depth look into how a master accompianist and musician approahes listening. Audio commentary will be provided by Jim Himself, as well as other musicians on how they listen.

The offer includes a rare downloadable album recorded years ago of Jim's Wife Jane Hall singing with Guitarist Ed Bickert. Jim and Jane will share their thoughts on this reocrding. More audio interiews will be provided as the project goes along, including Jim Hall discussing many of the past duo recordings he has made.

Join in this participant offer today to see how the masters approach listening to music!