Free Association Download

Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer "Free Association" Project

Free Association Download


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What you get

  • A downloadable version of the Ltd Edition 'Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer Duo' recording (128 kbps Mp3)
  • The entire project experience as seen through the eyes of Jim and Geoffrey

About This Offer Enjoy the experience of watching a new partnership develop as they create new works together. Legendary guitarist, Jim Hall and acclaimed pianist, Geoffrey Keezer will take you along as they create a new recording, which will include new compositions by both artists. Over the course of this project both Jim and Geoffrey will give you access to audio interviews with the two discussing the new project, their experiences working together and how they’ve inspired each other. Enjoy Jim Hall radio, lectures on composing, photo galleries as well as audio and video of rehearsals. Gain deeper insight into the Jim Hall’s creative world through lectures on the compositional process of a new work, on arranging the new work, on the mastering process of the duo recording and more. Jim will also share his personal thoughts through journals, which will cover a wide range of subjects from his thoughts on music today to events in his own life. This is a wonderful and exciting opportunity to get into the mind of a great and legendary artist while sampling the mind of a tremendously talented young newcomer.

On or around Sept 30, 2005, you will receive your download of the limited edition ‘Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer Duo’ recording. As you listen to the recording, enjoy the fact that your participation helped make it happen.

This offer is for the current fan or newcomer to the work of Jim Hall.