Artistshare® Silver Participant

Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer "Free Association" Project

Artistshare® Silver Participant


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What you get

  • Autographed, handwritten folio of selected compositions from the recording
  • Artistshare® Silver Participant credit listing on the 'Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer Duo CD'
  • Autographed hologramed/ArtistTracked/numbered 7 – 16/5000 Ltd Edition 'Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer Duo' CD via mail (to be delivered in September 2005)
  • Downloadable outtakes from the 'Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer Duo' recording session
  • A complete autographed set of Jim Hall’s available recordings
  • Personalized video messages from Jim Hall over the course of the project
  • Personalized video welcome message
  • Web Page credit listing

About This Offer Be a part of the team that creates and delivers great new music by becoming a Silver Participant. Artistshare® Silver Participants will receive a complete, autographed set of Jim's favorite recordings as well as an autographed hologramed/ArtistTracked/numbered 7 – 16/5000 Ltd Edition 'Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer Duo' CD via mail (Nov 23, 2005 delivery date but downloads available as of Sept. 29, 2005).
Over the course of this project you will have access to audio interviews from both Jim and Geoffrey discussing the project, their experiences working together and how they’ve inspired each other. Enjoy Jim Hall radio, lectures on composing, photo galleries, video and audio downloads of rehearsals.

As part of the complete experience, Jim will keep you abreast of the project progress. In addition, you, along with very few, will have access to downloadable outtakes from the ‘Jim Hall/Geoffrey Keezer Duo’ recording session.

As a special thank you for your participation at this level, you will receive an autographed folio of selected music from recording session.
The Artistshare® Silver Participant offer is geared towards people who are committed to the advancement of new music and see the importance of the arts in society today.