Conversations CD

Jim Hall and Joey Baron - Conversations

Conversations CD


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What you get

  • Conversations CD
  • Full download available immediately upon purchase.
  • An inside look into the creative process of the legendary Jim Hall and Joey Baron as the project unfolds.
  • The ArtistShare® Experience - with live updates from the recording studio as the music is being created.

About This Offer

Watch this amazing collaboration come to life through composition updates and studio footage and experience the creative process from the viewpoint of both Jim and Joey.

Receive a copy of the ArtistShare® Ltd Edition CD (Shipping Date ##productdeliverydate##)  and get inside the creative process behind this unique collaboration.

As a participant, you have access to this musical experience as it unfolds through interviews with Jim, Joey and the producers and engineers behind the recording, composition updates, coverage from the studio, and the opportunity for an in depth look into the creative process of these musical innovators.  

 Come and be a part of this unique collaboration, between two incendiary musicians!  Your participation plays an integral part of making this music come to life.