magic meeting - live at the village vanguard!

player participant

Player Participant

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what you get

  • Exclusive access to online lessons from Jim Hall
  • A unique inside view into Jim's compositional process
  • Access to various unreleased Jim Hall recordings and performances
  • Full access to the ArtistShare project experience
  • much more!
   This project was completed on 9/7/2004    read more

As a Player Participant you will receive at least two lessons (posted online) which include instruction on improvisation, excersises to improve one's listening and interaction skills, practicing tips, gig preparation and set list tips. An inside view of Jim’s composition process as he composes and prepares the music for the recording. In addition, Player Participants will receive access to various unreleased Jim Hall recordings and performances, commentary from Jim over selected audio clips of the upcoming Vanguard performance.

The Player Participant offer is geared towards professional and aspiring guitarists, composers, etc. however I am sure it will be an interesting experience for any music fan as well.