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Collector Participant
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what you get

  • 5 of Geoffrey's favorite recordings as a leader, delivered via mail
  • An audio show where Geoffrey discusses the 5 favorite past recordings
  • A complete set of autographed sheet music (Delivery Date Dec 8 2008 12:00AM)
  • A mail order copy of the LTD Edition project CD (Delivery Date Dec 8 2008 12:00AM)
  • The ArtistShare Project Experience
   This project was completed on 12/9/2008    read more

The ArtistShare Collector Participant offer is a unique and convenient way to follow my career over the past several years, and track the development of my playing and composing from my days with the Ray Brown Trio up to the present. Included in this special package are a personalized set of four of my favorite CDs as a leader plus one with Ray Brown, a favorite of mine that captures some very special musical moments in my life.

In addition, you'll receive a complete autographed set of sheet music to every one of my original compositions featured on these CDs, a special audio discussion about the CDs, and of course complete access to the ÁUREA Project Experience.

I'm looking forward to the birth of this new music and realization of my new recording, and it will ultimately be the collaboration of all the remarkable people I'll be surrounded by. As an ArtistShare Collector Participant, you are also making this all possible. Knowing that you're following along and contributing in such a significant way will inspire me to do all that I can to share something wonderful with you. I hope you'll take this journey with us by participating at this or one of the other available levels.