Composer Participant Offer - download

The Jon Gordon Lessons Project

Composer Participant Offer - download


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What you get

  • An exclusive composition lessons which includes written exercises, compositional sketches, a lecture and more
  • A complete download of the 'Small Group Jazz Compositions' book
  • Jon Gordon's The Things You Are via 128 kbps Mp3 download (Delivery Date August 11, 2006)
  • Exclusive interviews with Jon Gordon on an original composition and how it progresses
  • An exclusive surprise Mp3 download

About This Offer This offer is designed for students who are interested in learning about composition, especially small group jazz writing. It includes the new “The Things You Are” c.d. as a download, as well as a download of a book of some of my writing called “Small Group Jazz Compositions”. Included as well is are composition lessons focusing on arranging a standard, examples of tunes I’ve arranged, or used as a basis for a composition, and a lecture on composition in general, and how it can contribute to your growth as an improviser. A video welcoming you as a participant is also included. There are a series of rewards that will come to you over time, including a discussion of the development of a composition over time, an excerpt from an earlier recording documenting the final composition, and an excerpt from the new Live Concert recording, as well as some additional bonus rewards.