2006/07 NY-LA Jon Gordon Live Concerts Participant Offer

The Jon Gordon Lessons Project

2006/07 NY-LA Jon Gordon Live Concerts Participant Offer


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What you get

  • A complete Mp3 download of tracks from the shows 
  • An exclusive photo gallery of the concerts
  • Tour journal entries
  • Downloads of the charts/setlists from the shows
  • Exclusive interviews with the band members

About This Offer This offer includes downloadable performances (MP3) by 3 different groups that Jon has worked with regularly in recent years. The Quintet , recorded live at Fat Cat in N.Y. on April 7th 2006, features Mike Moreno on guitar, Aaron Goldberg on piano, Joe Martin on bass, and Bill Stewart on drums. The Quartet, recorded live at Smalls in N.Y. on February 28th 2007 features Mark Turner on Tenor Saxophone, Joe Martin on bass, and Johnathan Blake on drums. The trio, recorded live at Rocco's Metropole on May 4th in L.A. features Joe Bagg on organ and Mark Ferber on drums.

You will also receive more content related to these performances such as photos, interviews with musicians, Jon Gordon's journal entries and more!