Living Jazz: Serenity Project Experience

"Sigame" High Quality Download Participant Offer (320 kbps Mp3)


What you get

  • High quality (320kps) MP3 download of“Sigame” – D.D. Jackson’s Justin Time recording featuring the same core group as on the new upcoming 2006 "Serenity" Recording
  • 5 Streaming audio tracks culled from live performances of material from “Sigame” and “Suite for New York”
  • A Downloadable essay on D.D. Jackson’s thoughts behind the making of “Sigame” including his published essay “Ridin’ the Wave”
  • 5 PDF downloadable lead sheet charts from “Sigame”
  • An exclusive streaming audio show reflections on “Sigame” – including D.D. Jackson’s exploration of jazz and latin music, thoughts on the origins and significance of the individual compositions and where the “Sigame” fits into D.D. Jackson’s general oeuvre
  • D.D. Jackson's Living Jazz: "Serenity" Project Experience

About This Offer It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the "Sigame" High Quality Download Participant Offer (320 kbps)". Sigame was my first more purposeful foray into the worlds of jazz and latin music, and was particularly centered around the strengths of wunderkind Cuban-born drummer Dafnis Prieto, along with bassist Ugonna Okegwo (who together also form the core rhythm section of my follow-up CD, "Suite for New York", and my upcoming 2006 "Serenity" Recording Project), along with special guest appearances by guitarist Freddie Bryant and violinist Christian Howes. This is melodic, rhythmically-varied music that some have described as my most accessible. Yet still, I think it retains a spirit of adventurousness even within this context (though I'll ultimately let you be the judge!). The end result is a CD that has thankfully proven to be my most popular to date.

In addition to the immediately-available high quality download of my Justin Time "Sigame" CD, included in this offer is a downloadable essay detailing my thoughts on the making of this CD (including my previously published essay "Ridin'the Wave: My Major Label Journey" about my stint with the majors and the experience's attendant ups-and-downs!), an audio show with additional reflections on the music from the CD (including excerpts), live streaming audio culled from live performance versions of material featured on the CD, pdf lead sheets and much more.

By purchasing this offer, you will also have access to the complete Living Jazz: "Serenity" Project Experience, including a behind-the-scenes look at the making of my new 2006 Justin Time "Serenity" recording and an accounting of my unfolding life experiences as a jazz musician in New York City. (The 2006 recording itself is available as a separate Participant Offer, complete with an Artistshare-only downloadable bonus track, streamable alternate takes and more).

So a warm welcome, and I hope you enjoy the Sigame High Quality 320kbps Download Participant Offer!