Living Jazz: Serenity Project Experience

2006 "Serenity Song" Recording Participant Offer


What you get

  • D.D. Jackson's 2006 Justin Time Records Recording "Serenity Song" via mail (Delivery Date 6/20/06)
  • Streaming audio show of D.D. Jackson's Jazz Gallery performance - his last live performance prior to the "Serenity Song" recording session.
  • Selected downloadable lead sheets from the "Serenity Song" Recording
  • A downloadable bonus track from the "Serenity Song" recording session
  • Streaming alternate take tracks from the "Serenity Song" recording session
  • D.D. Jackson's Living Jazz: "Serenity" Project Experience

About This Offer A very warm welcome to my 2006 "Serenity Song" Recording Participant Offer. This new recording comes at a new crossroads in my life, in which the sense of tranquility and security I've experienced of late in my year-old marriage and new home have particularly informed my compositional process, as will hopefully be evidenced by the writing on this new project. The recording features my core trio of myself - piano, Dafnis Prieto - drums, and Ugonna Okegwo - bass, augmented by soprano sax wunderkind Sam Newsome, cellist/trombonist Dana Leong and longtime collaborator Christian Howes on various strings to provide music that I think is perhaps my most melodic to date, yet still with the variety and undercurrent of adventure that I can never resist exploring as pianist/composer.

By purchasing this offer, in addition to the mail order copy of my new Justin Times recording "Serenity Song" (Delivery Date 6/20/06) you will be entitled to such additional content as: an Artistshare-only downloadable bonus track from the CD and additional streaming alternate takes from the recording session, selected downloadable lead sheets, a streaming audio show performance recorded live at the Jazz Gallery immediately prior to the recording and featuring material that ultimately made it on the actual recording, and much more. What I'm perhaps most excited about is that you will also have access to the complete Living Jazz: Serenity Project Experience chronicling the entire behind-the-scenes process of the making of this CD, and also more broadly my life as a jazz musician living in New York City.

So welcome to the 2006 "Serenity Song" Recording Participant Offer - I really hope you'll enjoy not only the ultimate CD, but perhaps even more importantly the process of its creation.