swing can really hang you up the most

'swing can really hang you up the most' cd participant

'Swing Can Really Hang You Up The Most' CD Participant



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what you get

    A Season with Alf Clausen ArtistShare Project Experience:
  • ‘Swing Can Really Hang You Up The Most’ CD via Mail.
  • An exclusive video montage that captures the experience of being in the studio during the ‘Swing Can Really Hang You Up The Most’ recording sessions.
  • An exclusive audio show of Alf Clausen on his Inspirations and Influences.
  • Exclusive interviews with members of the Alf Clausen Jazz Orchestra.
  • An exclusive photo gallery documenting the ‘Swing Can Really Hang You Up The Most” creative experience.
   This project was completed on 1/2/2007    read more

Welcome to my ‘Swing Can Really Hang You Up The Most’ CD Participant Offer, where your front-row seat will provide a stimulating view of unique musical experiences featuring many of the finest recording musicians in Hollywood. In the coming months, I’ll be giving you an insider’s look into the process of recording my new big band CD, and providing you access to further offers highlighting my professional life as composer & songwriter for “The Simpsons.”

You’ll learn about my creative process through exclusive journal entries, interviews, streaming audio & video samples, and unique MP3 & PDF downloads. I’ll detail thoughts and techniques that I have never before shared with the general public.

In this Existing CD Offer, you’ll receive a copy of my new disc, “Swing Can Really Hang You Up the Most,” by the Alf Clausen Jazz Orchestra. It’s an exciting big band jazz recording featuring an all-star group of Hollywood’s finest jazz musicians playing nine of my original compositions and one of my arrangements.

As a special bonus, the CD cover includes a brilliant painting of my band by Tim Rogerson, one of America’s premiere jazz caricaturists. It’s a superb package, and I’m very proud of it.

Feel free to visit my site often. Your front-row seat gives you a fascinating and intimate view into my musical life. It’s gonna be fun!

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