The Complete Old and New Participant

Inside Passages with Ingrid Jensen

The Complete Old and New Participant


What you get

  • Ingrid Jensen’s ‘At Sea’ CD (Delivery Date 12/13/05)
  • An interview with the ‘At Sea’ band
  • Ingrid Jensen’s CD's ‘Here on Earth’ and ‘Now as Then’ (Immediate Availability)
  • Selected lead sheets and exclusive commentary from Ingrid on ‘Here on Earth’ and “Now As Then”
  • 'At Sea' Post Production updates
  • 'At Sea' essay on the inspirations behind the recording
  • 'At Sea' lead sheets

About This Offer The Complete Old and New offer encompasses a number of areas in my musical life. Here you gain access to downloads that deal with both the process and the result of music I have made over the years. As well as receiving two of my available CDs, 'Here on Earth' and 'Now as Then', lead sheets and commentary on the recordings, you will also get a my latest CD, 'At Sea' complete with insights into the inspirations behind the music.

This offer is geared towards both musicians and fans.