inside passages with ingrid jensen

at sea (2005) high quality download participant - (320 kbps mp3)

At Sea (2005) High Quality Download Participant  - (320 kbps Mp3)

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what you get

  • A High Quality download of Ingrid Jensen’s ‘At Sea' (320 kbps Mp3)
  • 'At Sea' band interview
  • An essay on the inspirations behind each composition on ‘At Sea’
  • Outtakes of studio banter between tunes
  • Exclusive downloads of previously unheard Ingrid Jensen performances
  • Post Production updates leading to the November delivery of ‘At Sea'
   This project was completed on 7/18/2006    read more

With this offer you will not only receive access to downloads of my most recent project, At Sea, but you will also be given access to an exclusive collection of previously unreleased tracks I have recorded with some amazing musicians from around the world. As well, you can download a number of post-production updates leading up to the release and you will be able to hear interviews with my band, including some entertaining studio banter that we captured while rolling tape between tunes.

This offer is for everyone who is interested in the recording and production process as well as receiving a High Quality download of 'At Sea' with Geoffrey Keezer, Matt Clohesy, Jon Wikan and Lage Lund.