Ingrid Jensen’s Life Inspirations Participant

Inside Passages with Ingrid Jensen

Ingrid Jensen’s Life Inspirations Participant


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What you get

  • Ingrid Jensen’s ‘At Sea' via mail (Delivery Date 12/13/05)
  • Interviews, downloads and photo galleries on Ingrid's favorite life adventures and the songs that they inspired
  • Written list of the recordings that inspired Ingrid Jensen to become a musician
  • On the road journals, video clips and essays
  • Exclusive audio of road banter

About This Offer

This offer will take you on a number of journeys into my musical and personal life, as I share special treks and experiences that have had an impact on both my playing and my writing. There will be exclusive road journals, photo galleries, audio essays, road banter with the bands and downloadable recordings of music inspired by these trips and treks. As a bonus, I will include a number of select interviews with special artists from the road, as they answer my questions on inspiration and creativity. And you will of course receive my latest CD, 'At Sea' (to be delivered November 30, 2005).

This offer is for everyone and anyone who is curious about my life on the road and the impact it makes on my music-making.