Trumpet Player Participant

Inside Passages with Ingrid Jensen

Trumpet Player Participant


What you get

  • 2 Online trumpet lessons
  • Ingrid Jensen’s ‘At Sea’ via mail (Delivery Date 12/13/05) with downloadable lead sheets from 'At Sea'
  • A transcription of an Ingrid Jensen solo from the CD, 'At Sea'.
  • Audio of Ingrid Jensen solo practicing
  • Autographed copy of Project Experience composition
  • Personal stories from Ingrid Jensen’s student days
  • Q and A Session

About This Offer This offer will contain a number of practicing concepts as well as insights into my personal practice habits. You will receive my new CD, 'At Sea', two downloadable lessons based on tunes of mine that I have recorded, the composition I will develop over the next year and exclusive downloads of stories from my student days. There will also be a number of question and answer sessions over the next year which will enable me to interact even more with you, the trumpet player and/or fan.