Collector Participant

Inside Passages with Ingrid Jensen

Collector Participant


What you get

    • A download of an Ingrid Jensen gig with a band interview as well as an 8 x 10 photo
    • Ingrid Jensen’s ‘At Sea’ via mail (Delivery Date 12/13/05) with complete autographed set of sheet music
    • Signed copies of Ingrid Jensen’s ‘Here on Earth” and “Now As Then" CDs
    • Autographed folio of Ingrid Jensen's compositions
    • “Find A Way” and 'Dreams', featuring Ingrid Jensen (Delivery Date 11/30/05)
    • Autographed Project Experience score
    • Post Production updates and Audio Interviews

About This Offer I am thrilled to be offering this special collector series, as it gives me the opportunity to share a number of areas of my musical life with you, the participant. Here you will find a bound and autographed version of all of my recorded compositions to date, as well as some bonus charts of my sister Christine’s. Enjoy an autographed photo, CDs including Joel Miller's 'Find a Way' and Maggi Olin's 'Dreams' as well as my upcoming release, 'At Sea'. In addition, you will also gain exclusive access to interviews, photo galleries, recorded essays and interviews.

This offer is designed for both the collector and the hardcore fan.