Flurry - Nordic Connect

Inside Passages with Ingrid Jensen

Flurry - Nordic Connect


What you get

  • Flurry CD via mail
  • Exclusive interviews with Ingrid about the Flurry CD
  • Complete access to the Inside Passages Project Experience

About This Offer

Nordic Connect is Ingrid's most recent recording project. This is a group she co-leads along with her sister Christine Jensen in combination with Swedish pianist Maggi Olin with drummer Jon Wikan and Swedish bassist Mattias Welin rounding out the band.

When you sign up for the Nordic Connect Participant offer you will not only receive a hard copy of the CD "Flurry" but you will instantly gain inside access to adventures that go beyond the music created on the disc. From video and photo galleries to bootleg recordings made from Canadian and Swedish tours to out-takes from the actual recording session to interviews and insights from the band. This offer is full of many bonuses and will provide an added listening experience as the band continues to develop their music together over time.