The New Composer Participant

The Nordic Connect Project

The New Composer Participant


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What you get

  • Watch Nordic Connect bring your own composition to life
  • Experience the creative process of Nordic Connect as the band works  
    on your new song from their individual studio spaces around the world.
  • Receive a number of mp3 versions (sent to you on a CD by mail) of your song after each member has spent time with it, as well as full improvised performances by the band members.
  • Video insight from each band member on their inspiration and composition process for the songs on Spirals.
  • The new Nordic Connect CD Spirals (Delivery Date May 01 2010)
  • The full ArtistShare┬« Project Experience
  • To preview a tune from the album via 320kpbs Mp3 download, click here then navigate to the downloads button on the project experience page.

About This Offer Welcome to the Nordic Connect New Composer Offer.

Through this offer you will be able to experience the compositional process of Nordic Connect as we video and record the writing and arranging of a new piece of music. A piece of music that will be passed from one band member to the next, until the final member completes it.

You will also be able to submit your own piece of music to the band, who will discuss, rehearse and perform it and you will receive a number of mp3s of that recording along with a personal video critique via mail.

The band would love to hear from you, so feel free to submit your questions and they will answer a selection bi-monthly through out the project.

You will have access to the experience of the recording of our new CD Spirals, through video clips from the recording sessions, Mp3 Downloads of rehearsals leading up to the recording date and out-takes from the recording.

To delve further into Nordic Connect's compositional world, through out the project, you will receive a video from each of the composers talking about their tunes on the record, their writing process and what inspired that composition. These videos will also be available as audio mp3s for your iPod and are accompanied by a list from each band member of the composers that influenced them the most while they were composing for this new CD.

Group Spiral: this is a piece of music that you will be able to watch unfold as it is composed by Nordic Connect. This song will be passed around the band (via midi files, basic sketches, band jams, etc) and you will be able to see each composer's writing process as they receive the song and add their own input until the song is complete.

You will also receive an Mp3 recording of the completed song.

We are so excited to invite you to both be a composer and view our writing process...come and join the fun!