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spirals cd

Spirals CD

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what you get

  • The  Nordic Connect "Spirals" CD via mail (Delivery Date May 1 2010 12:00AM) 
  • The complete ArtistShare® Project Experience - including access to the creation of the new CD
  • To preview a tune from the album via 320kpbs Mp3 download, click here then navigate to the downloads button on the project experience page.
   This project was completed on 11/18/2010    read more

Welcome to the Nordic Connect CD Participant Offer where it is our pleasure to share the release of our new creation with you, the fan.

As a participant during the course of this project, you will receive a unique look into our entire creative process from the beginning to the end, resulting in our latest musical creation, Spirals.

As a Nordic Connect CD Participant, you will receive the ArtistShare® LTD Edition CD Spirals (Delivery Date May 1 2010 12:00AM) and will have access to the experience of Nordic Connect on the road!

We hope you will join us a Nordic Connect CD participant and join us on our Nordic Journey!