Spirals Download (320 kbps Mp3)

The Nordic Connect Project

Spirals Download (320 kbps Mp3)


What you get

  • The Nordic Connect release Spirals via 320 kbps Mp3 download (Delivery Date May 01 2010)  
  • The full ArtistShare® Project Experience - including access to the creation of the new CD
  • Downloadable cover art
  • To preview a tune from the album via 320kpbs Mp3 download, click here then navigate to the downloads button on the project experience page.

About This Offer Welcome to the Nordic Connect Download Participant Offer where it is our pleasure to share the creation of this new work with you through ArtistShare® (Delivery Date ##productdeliverydate##)

As a participant in this offer you will acquire a unique insight into our entire creative process from start to finish.

Along the way we will be sharing video, audio shows, downloads, photos and news keeping you up to date on the status and progress of our musical adventures together as a band.

We hope you join us as a download participant and explore this ArtistShare® offer we have specifically created for you, the fan.